Work Conditions

Find out why it is worth working with us

Competitive salary

We believe that experts should be remunerated adequately for their skills. Therefore, we offer remuneration corresponding to the current situation in the IT labour market, taking into account the capabilities and needs of our Clients.

Work-life balance

For some professionals, programming is both a job, a passion, and a hobby. This does not mean, however, that you have to spend all day doing this. The right balance between work and leisure translates into work efficiency and personal happiness. For us, 8 hours is the optimal working time, and in many projects, we offer flexible start times. Our associates work on B2B or employment contracts.

B2B or employment contract

We prefer to cooperate based on a B2B contract that allows, among other things, to benefit from the flat-rate tax. We are open to other forms of cooperation, too.

Remote work

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that working remotely can be just as effective as working on site. Our remote-first approach allows us to employ people from across the country, or abroad, and provide services to a wider range of clients. 

Work in English or Polish

Working in English is sometimes essential, but many of our clients do not require that of us. So if you don’t feel confident working in English, join one of the projects where Polish is the language of communication. Together we will consider whether and how to transition you over time to international teams. 

Development support and access to training

Our company is only as strong as the skills and competencies of our teams. That is why we give our experts access to thousands of online training courses and provide support in identifying development paths.

Latest technologies

The main area of our activity is developing systems using modern technologies. Join us if you are hungry for new versions of programming languages, programming tools, and cloud solutions. Gaining experience, developing complex systems, and creative problem solving is possible in older technologies, but why not reach for new solutions and support Clients in making the transition? 


Building ergonomic solutions that meet the needs of end-users is the essence of IT. Sometimes, however, it’s worth taking technical challenges to the next level and building open-source IT libraries together. We have some ideas in this area. Maybe you are willing to create a solution for the community as a hobby, together with us. 

Other benefits

We are constantly looking at what benefits we can offer our team members to make them feel good about working with us. If you have any ideas on how to improve the working conditions, we are open to discussing them, as long as it is within our possibilities.

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