Recruitment process

We do our best to make the recruitment process as simple as possible to make you feel comfortable. It usually consists of the following stages:

Stage 1. Send us your CV

Let us get to know you. Send us your CV with a description of your professional experience, education, skills, interests, and expectations. You can also list the types of projects and quests that interest you the most.

Stage 2. Online interview

If your skills profile suits the projects we are running, we will contact you and invite you for an online interview. During that meeting, we will tell you all about 3Qcode and discuss your expectations and professional development needs. We will also try to set your experience level so that we can fit you into a team. If you declare that you know English, we will probably have a short conversation in that language.  

Stage 3. Learning about the project

If your skills match our projects, we will present you with an offer. In some of our projects, our Clients may wish to get to know you better. If that is the case, we will arrange a meeting with a Client’s representative. 

Stage 4. Signing the contract and planning your development

If there are no further obstacles to start working together, we will agree on the form and conditions of our cooperation. This will be the moment for planning how we will take care of your professional development. For us, the experience and skill-set of our experts determine the strength of the business and that is why we count on your cooperation and engagement in this aspect.

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