#Meet the Team

Quick, Quality & Quest are the core values of our company’s DNA

We are thrilled to introduce 3Qcode, a dynamic and innovative IT company at the forefront of technological advancements. With a passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses leverage technology to drive growth and efficiency.

From software development and system integration to cloud computing and cybersecurity, our dedicated team of experts is equipped with the skills and expertise to tackle even the most complex IT challenges.

Your future #our solutions.

Meet the Team

Here are the leaders of the individual departments in our team of IT freaks.

Jacek Zawadzki

CEO & CO-Founder
Jacek has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a passion for software development and transforming the digital side of businesses. For over 16 years he gathered experience working in the American GE Corporation.

Jakub Strychowski

CTO & CO-Founder
For 26 years, Jakub has been involved in creating IT solutions in various areas, including application software, games, workflow systems, financial systems, knowledge management systems, and advanced AI algorithms 🦾

Dorota Oswald

Head of HR
Meet Dorota, our dynamic Head of HR! With a knack for nurturing talent and a passion for people, she's the heartbeat of our workplace. Dorota weaves empathy with efficiency, creating an environment where everyone thrives 🚀

Zygmunt Kołodziejczyk

IT Team Lead
Meet Zigi, the Artistic Code Creator 💻 A senior programmer with a soul of an artist, his mind dances with unconventional ideas. Lines of code flow like brushstrokes, crafting digital art. The fusion of logic and creativity.

Jakub Lewandowski

Analyst & IT Headhunter
Meet Kuba, the IT Recruiter extraordinaire! 🌟 Passionate about finding the perfect tech talent for awesome roles. Sourcing, screening, and creating IT dream teams! A man of great intuition and a heart of gold.

Daniel Król

Head of Marketing
Meet Deny, the Marketing Maestro! With every idea, he paints the digital landscape in vibrant hues, leaving competitors awestruck 🚀 Innovations dance in his mind, and campaigns ignite like fire. Guardian of Innovative Solutions.

Damian Wojewoda

Scrum Master
Meet Damian, the Scrum Maestro in our IT symphony! As a Scrum Master, he guides his ensemble of tech virtuosos in crafting solutions that elevate the narrative of IT excellence 🌟

Katarzyna Starosta

Team Lead & Product Owner
Meet Kasia, the Product Whisperer! As a brilliant Product Owner, she douses fires with finesse, turning chaos into harmony. A master conductor of ideas, she orchestrates teams with a magical touch. 🔥

Łukasz Klejszta

IT Team Lead
Meet Luka, the .Node Freak! An integral beacon in the engineering community, he drives technological advancement. Every function he crafts showcases his dedication to sculpting the digital landscape 🤟

Rafał Dąbrowski

IT Team Lead
Meet Rafał, our brilliant IT Team Lead! A wizard with technology and a strategist at heart, he's the driving force behind our tech triumphs. His energy and dedication light up our tech world! ⌨️

Kamil Marcinkowski

Graphic Designer
Meet Kamil, our graphic guru! From sleek designs to jaw-dropping visuals, he crafts magic that leaves everyone in awe. When the task seems impossible, Kamil sprinkles enchantment and delivers brilliance 🎨

Anna Żak

Talent Sourcing Specialist
Meet Ana, our gifted Talent Sourcing Specialist! Ana's passion for people and her talent for uncovering hidden gems are the cornerstones of our thriving workforce.

Mariusz Mańka

Frontend Software Engineer
Meet Mariusz, the Frontend Virtuoso! 🎨With code as his brush, he paints masterpieces of user experience. His aura beams with boundless optimism, a perpetual smile that brightens every room. A team player extraordinaire.

Maksym Yaryhin

Frontend Software Engineer
Meet Maksym, the Frontend Artisan! A meticulous craftsman with an insatiable thirst for growth. A true artist of pixels, Maksym paints the digital canvas with innovation and a hunger for perfection! A huge fan of Georgian cuisine 🇬🇪

Daniel Moskal

Senior Frontend Developer
Meet Daniel, the Frontend Genius! He transforms visions into vivid digital realities. Each pixel he touches shines with expertise, reflecting his journey through the frontlines of frontend innovation. 👨‍💻

Seweryn Nowicki

.NET Software Engineer
Meet Seweryn, the Code Wizard! A dynamic cog in the programming team, he sparks innovation. Like a conductor, he harmonizes ideas into seamless solutions. With each line of code, he breathes life into digital realms 👨‍💻

Arkadiusz Polus

Business Analyst
Meet Arkadius, the Business Analyst Master! A cornerstone in the world of business analytics, he navigates through seas of data, emerging with invaluable insights 💰

Pola Stefaniak

Business Development Manager
Meet Pola, our dynamic BDM! Pola expertly navigates the intersection of technology, crafting strategies that propel us forward. Pola's energy makes her an invaluable asset in steering our business towards new horizons.
Agata Gallus, Fullstack Java Developer w 3Qcode

Agata Gallus

Fullstack Software Engineer
Meet Agata, our Fullstack Java Developer. With expertise in Java technologies, she creates seamless applications. Her smile and readiness for challenges drive innovation, making her key in advancing our projects.
Krystian Piekarczyk, IT Analyst w 3Qcode

Krystian Piekarczyk

Business & System Analyst
Meet Krystian, our Business & System Analyst. He's proactive approach and commitment to excellence drive our projects forward, making him an essential asset in optimizing our operations and strategy.
Krystian Kubiak, Fullstack Java Developer w 3Qcode

Krystian Kubiak

Fullstack Software Engineer
Meet Krystian, our Java Developer. Armed with a profound expertise in Java technologies, he crafts seamless and efficient applications. His role is crucial in developing robust software solutions that propel our business forward.

Adrianna Golak

Software Tester
Meet Adrianna, our Software Tester. Her role is vital in identifying and addressing any issues before they reach production, guaranteeing that our software solutions meet the highest standards of excellence and drive our business success.

Our history

  • Our founders have created or co-created IT projects for many well-known companies in the banking, debt management, and securities industries.
  • We are planning to create our own brand based on 25 years of experience.
  • We created 3Qcode out of a passion for technology that increases business value.
  • We have started implementing projects on three continents.
  • Bam! 17 IT teams acing 40 projects for 23 clients across 7 industries!
  • Our team first met during an explosive integration event! 🚀
  • We are expanding our team to over 25 employees.
  • In the first half of the year, we participated in 35 IT conferences and meetups focused on blockchain, AI, and IT project development.
  • Adding No Code & Low Code solutions to our services!
  • Hey there! We just launched a brand new visual identity! 🎉
  • Further development of no-code services!
  • Participation in key industry events

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